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Fitness Center Accolades

“It’s our Fitness Center because on January 9, 2018, when Mills-Peninsula Medical Center announced it was closing its therapy program, we stood up, spoke up, and PHCD listened. Our voices reclaimed it for all of us as our space for exercise, health, and community. The Fitness Center is all of these and more. It enables our continued good health and everyday wellbeing, all the while providing a much-needed community and refuge from daily life. Personally, the Fitness Center is my everything!” Orlena S. 


"I just wanted to thank you and your wonderful staff for making the Fitness Center experience so ideal. This continues to be a warm, friendly, and CLEAN place to exercise, meet with patrons who have become friends, and to learn so many important ways to stay fit and engaged. Needless to say, Seniors in Motion has become a highlight of the week. P.S. I hear your voice reminding me, "shoulders back" when in the line at the grocery store! Thanks for making such a difference in our lives! "–Sue G.


 "The Fitness Center is a healthy place to exercise because the staff keeps it so clean. The atmosphere at the Fitness center is friendly and supportive. I take the Wednesday fitness class, and Mary does a great job of working us out but also paying attention to our form and our safety. Here’s a shout out to Michelle for not only establishing a very positive environment and safe environment, but through her emails keeping us informed of good programs on zoom, and Covid related safety things that we should know or can access.” –Jean P.


“At my annual wellness exam last year, my primary physician told me the most important thing I can do for my health is to take a balance class.  The PHCD Fitness Center balance class is outstanding. It is a workout and fun at the same time. The instructor constantly recommends going at your own pace and stop doing any exercise that causes you any pain. I would highly recommend.–Jean F.


"Thank you for installing the beautiful awning at the Health & Fitness Center in Burlingame. I sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness. Michelle Marheineke, Mary Enriquez, and Dona Edlund are great, they always make me feel so special and it’s a pleasure to go there for my weekly exercises. I love this place where everybody knows your name, a great place to start your day!-Sammi R.